Data recovery of storage devices

Data lost may due to virus, backup destruction, physical damage, out-of-order machine, wrongly formatting or deleting files etc.
It seems impossible to estimate your or your business's loss.
View solutions can help you get back on the right track by data recovery.
For damaged and unreadable common storage devices, such as hard disks in computers and SD cards in cameras.
We will make quotes and check the devices within 48 hours.
The recovery process will be finished in 2-5 days.
The whole process will be carried out in high security and the data will be deleted immediately after payment.

Data destruction of storage devices

For hard disk, video tape, audio tape, DAT and DLT tape etc.
All data will be erased and cannot be recovered to prevent data leakage.
This can prevent data leakage when disposing old computers, damaged hard disks and magnetic tapes.

Helpdesk support services

Hotline, facsimile and e-mail support services which include case logging and divert, basic problem diagnosis etc.